The GeniusReport ...

... is an unusual analysis of your talents, potentials and personality. It is meant to authentically and successfully help you unfold your potentials in your career.


Yes, the most fitting potential-analysis I have ever received. Anyone is more than welcome to read my report. I certainly don't want to hide my Genius.

Job Applicant

Incredible! I was very surprised. While I don't exactly understand what the GeniusReport is based on, the content speaks for itself - and hopefully for me when I apply for a position the next time :-)


I think it's nonsense to make statements about individuals based solely on their birth dates. However, most of it is correct in my case. But I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

A person's "Genius" describes the talents that allow one to easily accomplish something which another person may not be able to achieve even when trying very hard. We are talking about the very combination of character traits and talents that make each human being unique and enable individual success. "Success" by definition is: "the achievement of self-defined goals". If you know your Genius, it will help you to pursue those goals which are in accordance with your own self.
The GeniusReport is an unusual analysis of your talents, potentials, and personality. It is based exclusively on your exact birth date. Unbelievable? Yes, maybe it is, but test your very own "GeniusReport Compact" at no charge. If you then come to the conclusion that it is astonishingly correct, you can have your elaborate GeniusReport created. Because you most certainly will want to know everything and the compact version is only a small excerpt, after all.
The GeniusReport was developed by an expert team in the course of 8 years of work. It rests on the assumption that our cosmos is a matrix based on mathematical structures. The structure of this matrix is based on the principle of synchronicity and fractal orders. Something that was already known to many ancient cultures and that is being re-discovered with all its far-reaching consequences today. The five-thousand-year-old I-Ching, for instance, is an essential component of the method used for the production of your GeniusReport. The binary structure of the I-Ging is identical to our DNA's structure - and thus the basic element of all life.
There are many things between heaven and earth that science today cannot explain yet. But quantum mechanics researchers are already on the trail of the cosmic matrix's big secrets. And all those that explore the world of quanta eventually find out that our universe is pervaded by a regulating conscious force. Some scientific theories even postulate that the universe is a living organism. The good thing is: You can check the validity of the statements given in your GeniusReport yourself. And that's certainly the best verification.
Once you know your strengths better and are aware of what distinguishes you from others, you can make wiser decisions. Because the quality of each decision is dependent on the amount of information you have. And the GeniusReport can certainly support your awareness and thus your self-confidence.
We hadn’t expected the diverse use of the GeniusReport. It gets enclosed as an addition to people’s CVs in the job application process or posted to personal and professional websites, following the motto: "Everybody may know what makes me unique.“ Others use the GeniusReport to form well-functioning, harmonious professional teams or to analyse new candidates' potentials in the selection process. In a more private setting, GeniusReport users enjoy discussing their report with their friends , while others find out about the dynamics of their partnership with the help of it. Trainers and coaches use the GeniusReport to increase the mutual understanding in teams. Its uses are as unlimited as the creativity of the people who work with it. Primarily, however, the GeniusReport provides clues as to how you can authentically and successfully unfold your potentials in the workplace.

Each GeniusReport encompasses 10 pages:

1. Your Genius Force Field
2. Your specific talents and skills
3. Your impact in teams and organizations
4. How you can unfold authentically
5. How you make decisions
6. Your authentic leadership style
7. How you behave in negotiations, in cooperation, in conflict situations, and much more
8. Your motivation and views, your relationship mode and information processing
9.+10. Your talents and potentials for development
Because we want to give every person the opportunity to use the GeniusReport - for instance as an additional application document - we have created the GeniusReport Compact as a free version of the GeniusReport. You can generate as many Compacts as you like - about yourself or persons that matter to you, as long as they consent to it.
The statements made in the GeniusReport are obviously geared to the professional context of adolescents and adults. However, some parts of the GeniusReport may also help mothers and fathers to find out why their children behave in a certain way and which of their talents should be fostered.

As an example, take a look at the GeniusReports of some well-known persons:


Hillary C. Steve J. Mahatma G. Amy W.