Company Services

We have devised the GeniusReport primarily for you. But, of course, it can also be used for companies and businesses - for staff development, targeted recruiting and team building.

Staff Development

The GeniusReport can contribute to a totally new approach in staff development, namely to the encouragement and unfolding of staff members' individual potentials.


Deciding which new forces to integrate in a company is often the basis for successful management. The better these decisions are, the better a company or business can thrive.

Team Building

As soon as team members are aware of the others' different strengths, they can work together more productively. As everyone uses their specific strengths, work is perceived as fulfilling and meaningful.

You want to encourage your staff?

Just order the GeniusReport gift vouchers in the amount you need and give these vouchers to your staff. Each voucher has a code for the free creation of a GeniusReport.

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GeniusReport in Recruiting?

You can ask the persons that are applying for a job to generate their free GeniusReport Compact and enclose it with the application documents. Short-listed candidates can receive a GeniusReport gift card from you. If they send in their GeniusReport, you have an additional decision-making tool at hand.

In Team Building?

The GeniusReport should not be missing in any team building process. Once the moderator or trainer is familiar with the GeniusReport, he or she can individually commit and respond to a team member's work. But also within teams, members can exchange information about their Genius and thus have a better understanding of one another.