You definitely want to understand your GeniusReport completely. Our short videos about each page of the report will reveal more.

Tutorial 1

The Genius Force Field

Page 1: The Genius Force Field is an essential element of the GeniusReport. Here, we explain how you can grasp this force field entirely.
Length: 04:05

Tutorial 2

Specific Talents and Skills

Page 2: Your specializations describe talents that are available to you throughout your life.
Length: 02:05

Tutorial 3

Realization - Team Role - Impact

Page 3: This part describes the environment you need to find self-fulfilment, your natural team role and what impact you can make on organizations.
Length: 02:45

Tutorial 4

Authentic unfolding

Page 4: In which area of the value creation process can you unfold best? In which form of cooperation are you most productive? And how do you deal with material resources?
Length: 05:45

Tutorial 5


Page 5: What it takes for you to reach a good decision.
Length: 02:53

Tutorial 6

Leadership style

Page 6: Each person has a natural way to assume a leadership role. Your leadership profile does not only show your own leadership behavior, but also the way you would like to be led yourself.
Length: 04:00

Tutorial 7

Authentic behavior

Page 7: This part illustrates behavioral patterns relating to six selected criteria.
Length: 02:31

Tutorial 8

Motivation and cognition

Page 8: How and why we tackle things, and which views we have about the world is deeply rooted in our personality.
Length: 01:49

Tutorial 9

Development potentials

Page 9 and 10: The GeniusReport gets very personal here. These pages reveal what makes you unique and which potentials you may still have to discover. A lot of material for reflection and development.
Length: 03:01

Tutorial 10

Tips on how to use the GeniusReport

The GeniusReport should primarily serve you personally. But it unfolds its most beautiful effect when you can share it with others - so that they get to know your Genius as well.
Length: 02:04