Comments & Feedback

What would the best product be without the people who love it.

I had the pleasure to be one of the first Beta testers of the GeniusReport. I have largely and intensively talked about our reports with my partner. It was a very insightful self-reflection process for both of us. Thank you for that! I can highly recommend the GeniusReport and wish you much luck with it!

Werner Neuhold, Germany

In a big company it is still difficult to admit that one works with birth dates. While our boss knows and supports this, we can currently only work very selectively with it and to a certain point. The GeniusReport's content is truly ingenious as it depicts a person's personality with an exactness and profoundness that surprises once and again.

Human Resources Manager (Austria)

I recommend the GeniusReport because it focuses on a person's strengths, reveals how an individual can optimally develop and how I, in my function as senior manager, can support this development. The GeniusReport, after all, also reveals a human being's hidden potentials. We also use the GeniusReport to develop our senior managers because they take an interest in it, too, and accept it very well.

Dr. Alexandra Singer-Weidinger, Senior Manager, Mentor Management-Entwicklung-Organisation GmbH & Co OG

We have used various analyses of potentials over the years. But none of them really convinced us. The GeniusReport, however, opens new dimensions. I hope that it spreads on the market quickly because it makes my recruiting job much easier. When I received my own report, I was momentarily shocked how accurately it described me. I wasn't happy about some of the comments made in my report at the beginning. But it allowed me to authentically act with courage in all areas of my life.

Personnel Consultant (Frankfurt)

I was given the GeniusReport by a good friend. Only because of our good friendship did I go and find out about the time of my birth. But then I was really surprised about all the facts in it. I can put that on paper. And in the meantime, I have also given away two reports as gifts.

Harald P., Vienna

I think it is a great tool for people who want to track down their talents and those who don't know exactly in which direction they should head.

Walter H., Sales Director, Vienna