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As exact as you can determine it. As a rule, most analysis sections are reliable if you know the time of your birth approximately plus/minus 30 minutes precisely. If you are uncertain, you can always ask the civil registry office responsible for registering your birth. There, the time of your birth should be registered relatively precisely. Usually, the younger you are the more precise these registrations are.
Most analyses of potentials are based on your completion of a more or less detailed questionnaire. What they sample is of course a momentary snap-shot only. Moreover, the knowledge you gain is not very extensive because the results are based on the answers that you have given beforehand. The GeniusReport goes far beyond what can be analyzed in questionnaires, because it comprehensively looks into your very essence and the nature of your behavior.
The GeniusReport focuses on your strengths because it is always much more beneficial to develop one's own strengths than ponder what someone else might do better than you. Nobody is perfect and nobody is good at everything. But there are things that you can do as a matter of course and that you can do much more easily than someone else. You are successful when you know your strengths and when you unfold them self-confidently.
No, your GeniusReport is equally valid at your birth and on the day of your death, as every human being has a unique essence which becomes more pronounced in the course of time. Of course you learn a lot throughout your life and you become aware of many things only through your experiences. This does not, however, change who you are and how you behave in certain situations and which talents you have from birth on. Bad for the designers of the GeniusReports because you only need to buy your GeniusReport once in your life. Good for you, though!
You can buy a GeniusReport gift voucher from us. On the voucher you find a code for the creation of a report. We send you the voucher together with an invoice. Upon payment of the invoice we will activate your voucher code and confirm activation via E-Mail. Please send your orders to: order@geniusreport.net

This can have two reasons:

1. In the course of your life you have been shaped by education and socialization. That's why you have a picture in your mind of how you "should" be or how you would like to be. But what you want and what you are able to do, and what you expect and what you get, is not always the same. The GeniusReport always describes what is authentic about you and what can thus unfold easily. You might not even be aware of some traits yet - you might still have to discover them or ponder them. 
2. The GeniusReport is calculated by a very complex computer program. Your individual results are of course composed of text modules. It might happen that the one or other phrase "stretches the truth" a bit. We have to tolerate this little deviation, because each human is of course a very complex and multi-faceted individual.
We have purposefully designed the GeniusReport in a concise and overseeable manner when it comes to explanations. If you have open questions about your report, we support you with complimentary material. You can watch the Tutorial Videos or download the written Manual. If you still have questions, you can refer to our Facebook Forum or contact a Genius Coach.
If you want to unfold your potentials even better, it is certainly a good idea to make an appointment with a Genius Coach. All Genius Coaches are well trained and experienced coaches. You can refer to a Genius Coach either personally, via Skype or phone. Please choose your preferred coach and contact him/her privately. A Genius Coaching session lasts approximately one hour.
The basis for the GeniusReport is the 64keys Matrix. On the basis of information gathered from this method, it is also possible to describe the dynamics between individuals in great detail. It is thus also possible to analyze the interaction dynamics between two individuals, in teams, in families, or even in entire organizations.
The GeniusReport Website and the GeniusReport are available in German and English. Regardless of the language which you have your GeniusReport created in, you will receive your GeniusReport in both German and in English.